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business areas

3C is part of a strong network of project planners, financial brokers and legal advisors in Germany and abroad. Our service is the support of planners, investors and operators from the time of the site search to the dismantling of the wind farm both at national and international level. Due to our close cooperation with various national and international law firms, we also offer the appropriate legal advice and contract review in all construction phases.

In the further course, we work together in particular with NET NeueEnergietechnik GmbH, which takes on other areas of activity.

Services by
3C Ciro Capricano Consulting

  • Renewable energies project and management consulting

Services by
NET Neue Energietechnik GmbH

  • Geographic location determination
  • Project planning
  • Construction phase
  • Operational management

Geographic location determination

In the run-up to a project, there is a search for a suitable location. Unlike in Germany, it is necessary to carry out wind measurements in other European countries in order to be able to finally assess the quality of the location. Our service consists of checking the location on site and carrying out the corresponding wind measurements and evaluation of the data. We would also be happy to advise and accompany you in the acquisition of a location.

Project planning

Optimum planning is an important prerequisite for ensuring the greatest possible energy yield. We offer you to take over the planning of your wind farm. Our services also include checking and, if necessary, optimizing the existing planning. We advise you on the selection of the system and accompany you during the approval process. Furthermore, we advise and accompany you in questions of project financing and in negotiations with the plant manufacturers.

Construction phase

During the construction phase, we monitor the construction work and ensure that construction progresses according to the schedule, as well as the commissioning and acceptance of the wind turbines.

Operational management

After the wind farm has been erected, technical management is of great importance. Trouble-free operation can only be ensured through careful technical support of the systems. In cooperation with the system manufacturers, the settings of the WKA are optimally adapted to the site conditions. This results in a higher energy yield and an increase in the service life of the wind turbines.